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NOW Sport

the new app for all sportspeople

Sports connect people also online: NOW Sport provides the unique opportunity to easily organize your sport, meet peers or other athletes, exchange information and experiences, have your own calendar for events and appointments or stay in close contact with your sports club and be always up to date. As part of our NOW Sport-Community you can easily create your personal profile with your sports activities and favourite topics - no matter if you are an individual sportsman/-woman, a member of a team, a coach or a the organiser of a sports event. We provide you with the right services relevant for your sport in a modern, user-friendly and lively app.



NOW Sport App Version 2.0 available NOW

As of today the new Version 2.0 of the NOW Sport app is available for download in the app stores. V 2.0 has several new or more


Tuesday Night Skating Auftakt

On Tuesday May 2nd the launch of the Tuesday Night Skating season 2017 takes place in Gießen. If you want to meet nice people more



Who has the time and energy right now? Where do I find the right sports partner? With our mapping function you can easily find sports fellows, teams or clubs which match your individual interests. It will also point you to the events and activities matching your sports profile.


Who is the winner? There is only half the fun without a competitive spirit. Sports is always also about competition between peers. NOW provides useful functions for comparing your personal performance with your peers and sport idols as well as challenging your friends.


Without any tedious paperwork you can easily set up and organise your own team or do the team administration work. We support you in any kind of sport management task, is it the team communication, team-calendar or the perfect set up of the team for the next match, the complete season or beyond.


At a glance



How fast did you run yesterday? How did the last game end? When do we meet for training? Communicate directly with your friends and teams.



You would like to join a certain team or trainer? Leave a message for other sports people or teams and grow your sports network.



Share your fitness level and sports activities with friends, clubs, coaches or teams. We connect you to your sports environment.



No more searching in different tools! In our NOW data base with all relevant information every scout finds quickly and reliably appropriate talents.



Compare yourself with your sport idol and peers! Challenge your friends or other active people!



Search and find interesting sport events or like minded sports people with our mapping function.



Always up to date: Communicate with friends and your teams or organise your own events!



Would you like to disclose less information or detailed performance statistics, photos and videos - everything is possible.


A trip, which changes everything:
It all starts with a seminar trip in Autumn 2014. Frederik is looking forward to his trip to Münster but also he regrets that he can’t join the regular training of his football club. To keep himself fit during the trip he plans to do some running, but he finds it hard to motivate himself in the evening for a lonely run and also it is difficult to find out where to run. At that moment he has a brilliant idea. Why should he run alone, when it makes much more fun with others? The idea for NOW Sport was born.

Back home from his trip Frederik shares the idea with his friend Michael who is also an active sports guy who plays Basketball in a regional league team and is also trainer of junior teams. Both believe that there must be many people wishing to do sports while they are travelling, they just need to get the relevant information about their sports and like-minded people, no matter where they actually are. Based on their own experience, both want to bring together sports and sportspeople. Their slogan: “It shall be easy to do sports with like-minded people everywhere at any time.” To realize the development of NOW Sport they engaged their fathers which are friends – that is how old friends became a two-generation founders team.

The Team

Frederik Kopatz

Founder and responsible for Sales & Marketing

Frederik studied Sports-Management and gained early practical experience in Sales & Marketing. He is active in several sports and knows from own experience how difficult it can be, to find appropriate sporting opportunities in a foreign environment or to keep up to date with what is going on at home with his sports team-mates. At NOW Sport Frederik looks after Marketing, PR and Design.

Michael Buhl

Founder and responsible for Products and Services

Michael studied International Business Management. He does sports from early childhood onwards and currently plays Basketball in Freising, where he also trains some junior teams. Also he knows how difficult it is to coordinate the activities of sport teams so that everybody always knows when, where and what is going on. At NOW Sport Michael is responsible for the realization – from idea to product – and the coordination with the developer team.

Heinz Buhl

Founder and responsible for Finance and Strategy

In the last 25 years Heinz was working as a management consultant. As a frequent traveler he in particular knows the problem of finding sporting opportunities in a foreign environment which goes beyond the hotel fitness center. In October 2014 Heinz ended his professional career and since then devotes his time to social activities and mainly to the management of NOW Sport. Heinz is the general manager of NOW Sport and responsible for Finance, Investor Relationships and the manifold management tasks in a Startup like NOW Sport.

Wilfried Kopatz

Founder and NOW Sport consultant for strategic questions

Since many years Wilfried is a self-employed consultant in the health industry. He as well knows the challenges of frequent travelers who want to keep up their fitness level and do sport in teams with other people. At NOW Sport Wilfried consults in all important issues and is responsible for Data Protection and Security.

Carina Rothbächer


Carina works as an art director in a design agency and is self-employed for NOW Sport. She is responsible for product design as well as everything related to corporate design.

g.y.s.e media

Partner for app development, video and photo material

g.y.s.e media is a young digital agency in Gießen with the main focus on apps, web and visuals. The NOW Sport App and the website as well as our photo and video material were developed by g.y.s.e.

The Team

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  • Frederik Kopatz

    Gründer und verantwortlich für Sales & Marketing

    Frederik studierte Sportmanagement und hat in verschiedenen Firmen Erfahrungen im Bereich Sales & Marketing gesammelt. Er selbst ist aktiver Sportler in mehreren Sportarten. Wie schwierig es ist, in einer fremden Umgebung geeignete Sportmöglichkeiten zu finden, oder ständig up-to-date zu sein, über die Aktivitäten der Sportgruppen zuhause, weiß auch er aus eigener Erfahrung. Bei NOW Sport kümmert sich Frederik um Marketing Fragen, PR und Design.

  • Michael Buhl

    Gründer und verantwortlich für Produkte und Services

    Michael absolvierte ein internationales BWL Studium. Dem Sport ist er seit Kindheitsbeinen verbunden. Er spielt Basketball in der Regionalligamannschaft des TSV Jahn Freising und ist dort selbst auch als Trainer von Jugendmannschaften unterwegs. Auch er weiß aus eigener Erfahrung, wie schwer es sein kann, die Aktivitäten eines Sportteams so zu organisieren, dass immer alle jederzeit auf dem aktuellen Stand sind und wissen, wann, was, wo stattfindet. Bei NOW Sport kümmert sich Michael um die Umsetzung - von der Idee zum Produkt - und die Koordination mit dem Entwicklerteam.

  • Heinz Buhl

    Gründer und verantwortlich für Finanzen und Strategie

    Heinz war in den letzten 25 Jahren in der Managementberatung tätig. Als Vielreisender kennt er besonders das Problem, in fremder Umgebung geeignete Sportmöglichkeiten zu finden, die über Hotelfitnesscenter hinausgehen. Im Oktober 2014 hat er seine berufliche Laufbahn beendet und widmet seine Zeit seitdem neben sozialen Aufgaben hauptsächlich NOW Sport. Heinz ist Geschäftsführer von NOW Sport und kümmert sich um Finanzen, Investoren und die vielfältigen Managementaufgaben in einem Startup.

  • Wilfried Kopatz

    Gründer und NOW Berater bei strategischen Fragen

    Wilfried ist seit vielen Jahren als selbständiger Berater im Gesundheitswesen tätig. Auch er kennt die Herausforderung von vielreisenden Menschen, die sich mit Gleichgesinnten fit halten möchten, aus eigener Erfahrung. Bei NOW Sport ist er Berater in allen wichtigen Fragestellungen und verantwortlich für die Themen Datenschutz und Datensicherheit.

  • Carina Rothbächer


    Carina arbeitet als Art Directorin in einer Design Agentur und ist freiberuflich für NOW Sport tätig. Sie ist für das Produktdesign sowie alles rund um das Thema Corporate Design, vom Entwurf bis zur operativen Umsetzung, verantwortlich.

  • g.y.s.e media

    Partner für App-Entwicklung, Video und Fotomaterial

    g.y.s.e media ist ein junge Werbeagentur in Gießen mit den Schwerpunkten Apps, Web und Visuals. Die NOW Sport App und der Webauftritt sowie unser Foto und Videomaterial wurden von g.y.s.e entwickelt.

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